This plotline will continue in Part 2. Now we just need to wrap up Part 1’s plot with Will and Brick.

I’m a little frustrated that I had to miss another update. The issue was that I was, again, watching my Aunt’s cats over the weekend, and thus, unable to work on the page.

On Saturday, however, I was able to go into Jersey to celebrate the RTNY’s one year anniversary. Though I’ve only been a part of the group since NYCC last year, the founding members first got together a year ago, so it was fun to see everyone and celebrate our group itself, and less of Rooster Teeth. We basically spent the day mini-golfing and playing various board and video games.

Ctrl+Alt+Del’s kickstarter passed, and I’ve been charged for my contribution. I’m extremely happy that I was able to donate, and help reach the final stretch tier. I’m super excited for the extended ending!

Well, not much else is new and worth talking about, so I’ll see you all on Friday or Saturday. Hopefully the former—I’m going to start working on the page tonight to give myself some more time.