So, folks, Will is about to learn why you shouldn’t underestimate an opponent, especially when they begin chuckling menacingly.

So, the next page marks the Finale of Occulture Shock, and the end of an issue that has dragged on for over a year. I can’t say I’ll miss the experience. But wow, it’s been a ride.

So, I mentioned last week that I was throwing my hat into a Nerf Mod contest, and here’s the first look at what I’ve been putting my time and money into as of late. I’m really excited at how well it is coming together, and honestly had my doubts for a bit. Was worried I was ruining some blasters for nothing, but it looks like this project just might work how I had hoped—which is good, seeing as how I need to finish the shell, paint it, and do all of the wiring all by June 23rd. But I think I have this in the bag.

In other news, I bought a ticket last week to see Against Me! in concert on June 3rd. I’ve been a casual fan of Against Me! since I was in High School (I loved some of the songs off of New Wave), but ever since their latest album, Transgender Dysphoria Blues in 2014, I’ve been extremely into the band. That album is nothing short of beautiful. I was sad, earlier this year, that I wasn’t able to join my friend Janie in seeing Laura Jane Grace (Against Me!’s lead singer, for the uninitiated) do a solo show in the city (due to my unemployment and lack of income, I couldn’t afford it), but I’m hoping this show will make up for it.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’ll see you all on Tuesday.