What a start to the 30 pages/30 days challenge, you guys!

Anyway, I managed to pump this cover out. However, it should be noted that, while the cover relates thematically to the issue at hand, like the other ones, it is not a direct representation of what may happen in the issue. Like real comic covers!

Yesterday was a doozy. I helped Jessica move into her new dorm room, then had to work at my day job from 12-5, which was killer on my feet.

I’m going to try to work through the day on a page or two to make up for the late update.

In other news, I have successfully brass-breeched a Nerf Longshot, with enough of a working understanding to do it again without any guides. I am looking forward to more mods like this in the future, and to the next mods I’m going to attempt on this blaster.

I’ll see you all later. Follow us on Twitter to get updates on my 30/30 challenge!