Welcome to Of Idiots and Immortals! This chapter is going to be fun. Just let it happen, folks. I’m sure you’ll like it.

I was originally planning on animating that last panel, so the teeth were lunging toward the camera, but I opted not to do that. While it would have looked cool, it wouldn’t have looked as good.

Things have started slowing down for me lately, so I’ve nothing really to talk about.

As far as stuff I can’t talk about goes, I’ve been talking with my confidants, and discussing lore for the WuD world that won’t be revealed for a long time. The more I talk about it to people, seeing their reactions just makes me sad that I can’t produce this thing fast enough to get to those points sooner. I’ve started working on late-series concept art, and I am really upset that I can’t share it anywhere without giving major spoilers.

Anyway, it’s all the more reason to continue following us. I’m thinking I want to go into some MySQL and set up a subscription system, which will email subscribers when a chapter ends, just so that people can more easily stick with the comic, and read full chapters in given sittings. I feel like that would really benefit readers who are thrilled with my story, but may fall off the bandwagon based on the update schedule. If that sounds like a good idea, leave a comment below.

Anyway, I’m thinking I may want to get to work on Friday’s page, so I’m going to cut this short. See you all then!