Fun fact: this conversation is loosely based on one I actually had with friends, when discussing my series’ concept of phylacteries. Also while I was planning Will’s actual phylactery. I opted that the series was not gaming related, and therefore the 3DS/game system wasn’t the best way to go. Also, when suggested for another weapon, I felt that didn’t work well. After explaining the concept the idea of wallets/phones being used was suggested by a friend. I just thought that was worth mentioning.

Anywho, sorry about the late update. On Thursday, I found out that a website I had applied to wanted to interview me for a design position on Monday. As a result, I had to really cram my work on the next page into Friday-Sunday. However, I worked a double-shift on Friday, passing out immediately upon getting home. Then, Saturday night, was my brother’s show—which was fantastic. On Sunday, well, I kind of just wasn’t feeling good.

Monday, I interviewed, and, after assessing my skill set, they opted to offer me a job as (more or less) copywriter for their products, as well as doing some photoshop work when necessary. They gave me a take-home assignment, and now, I’m waiting for them to get back to me. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, some new development: My cousin had her second child on Monday! There’s not much more to that—I haven’t seen the new baby (save for a few pictures). Everyone is healthy, and hopefully their first child doesn’t get too jealous of the divided attention.

Finally, I’m going to end this post with a request from you guys:

Last year, a close friend of mine was diagnosed with MS. Today, she posted a fundraiser for the MS walk on Staten Island, and asked for friends to donate. Well, after donating earlier today, I thought I’d try to get it out a little further. So please click here to read Jen’s story and donate any amount. The advancements made to MS in the past 20+ years have been amazing, but a cure is still a way away. Every dollar is a step forward.

See you all on Friday!