So, this page has some really fun references.

First, allow me to make an obligatory bump for the band featured. The One Handed Bandits is the creative brainchild of my good friend Calder, one of the most Punk kids I know. I think I’ve mentioned Calder’s band here before, actually. Either way, on the EP “How to Make an Album,” “Creature” (the song used) has got to be my favorite song. It’s really good, and really silly when you listen to the lyrics. Donate them a dollar or two and buy the EP, because it’s really good.

I actually have been working on a logo for the One Handed Bandits recently, but that’s still in the works.

Secondly, the last panel is a reference to one of my favorite short stories from the first Machine of Death anthology. The story “Almond” by John Chernega has to be one of the best short stories I’ve ever read, and I highly recommend it. If you clink the link given, you can listen to a really good reading of the story. While the panel is a major homage, it’s not accurate to the short story. Just an homage.

Actually, in 2011, when they were taking submissions for the second book, I wrote/submit a Machine of Death short story, “Aglets.” I didn’t get in, however, they did put a little easter-egg in one of the images they made, which showed me that they DID read it, and enjoyed it enough to place it where they did.

The job I interviewed for never got back to me. They said to call on Wednesday, but they never answered when I did. I’m counting it as a loss until told otherwise.

Anyway, today I’m going to go into the city. Just have a day off, and I have some plans to meet with a friend in the afternoon. I might stop by a comic book store and pick up Amazing Spider-Man #1, and I have a few misc errands I’d like to run.

I’ll see you all on Tuesday!

So, Calder mentioned this morning that the lyrics were wrong, so I changed them… including the typo he gave me, where it said “mood” instead of “moon.” Since I was in Long Island City when he texted me that, I had to leave the error up until now (10:24pm). Either way, I’ve corrected the lyrics. Now: buy his EP, damnit.