Woo! Only a half-hour late!

So, I kind of messed up with this page. I forgot to practice/do concept art for Denise (this is her first appearance), so I kind of had to wing it. As a result, she’s only mostly consistent between panels. By her next appearance, I will have some concept art, and she may be lightly re-designed. Either way, she will just look more refined than she does in this page.

Also, I think I have found the worst possible way to pass the Bechdel test—they are literally talking about a load of crap. I am a model feminist! I get that stuff, yo!

Anyway, Friday went well. I found out that Long Island City had “You are here” signs everywhere. I think that everywhere should have those, since I have no sense of direction. While I was out, I picked up two trades of the current run of Deadpool, written by Brian Posehn. I have yet to read them, though.

I also, as promised, picked up Amazing Spider-Man #1, along with a protective sleeve. A co-worker of mine mentioned that the early Superior Spider-Man issues went up in value significantly, and so I decided I’m going to start collecting the new issues. My plan is to buy the new issues to protect/raise the value to sell eventually, while buying trades to actually read and keep.

More Spider-Man news, I managed to see Amazing Spider-Man 2, and it was great! They did the Gwen Stacy arc perfectly, and actually made Electro an interesting villain, which is more important to me than sticking to the source material (my Iron Man 3/Mandarin argument).

Anyway, I’ll see you all on Friday. Toodles!