Hello, everyone!

Today’s page elaborates a little on the rules of causality. Again, when writing (as I did with the “saving people” discussion in the last issue) wrote myself into a bit of a corner. How could a new death appear on the itinerary? Simple: certain creatures can intervene and, within the laws of the universe, cause people to die who weren’t otherwise supposed to. As a result, in the WuD universe, fate is fluid; nothing is set in stone, and there’s no such thing as “destiny,” only possible scenarios. However, there are such things as “unscheduled deaths,” which break the aforementioned rules, and there is a fine line between an “added scheduled death” and an “unscheduled death” that is vastly important, but I’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. It all makes sense.

Anyway, in the life section of my life, again, not much is new. On Friday, I had planned to go out, but I decided to reschedule that plan to last night. Mother’s day was crazy at my job, but nothing worth mentioning. Finally, we get to last night, which was really fun. Started watching Star Trek, which is pretty fun.

Anyway, I’ll see you all on Friday. Hopefully I won’t have to scramble to get the page done.