For the record, Bert is the name of Will’s iPod.

The real Bert actually wasn’t an iPod, but was in-fact, a Zen Neon—my first mp3 player. I got it in 2006 when I was 15. It was so bad—the thing was basically a flash-drive that stored 8 gigs of music on it, and could play it. I remember one night where I sat down and organized all of my music files into folders based on Artist and Album, then re-named all of my songs to they would be ordered correctly within each album folder. I had to do this all manually, because I was using Windows Media Player to store music on my computer.

It was named Bert by my friend, who I gave it to when I got my first iPod on my 18th birthday, a 4th Generation iPod Nano, the one Will uses (which I used until I got my iPhone in October). My friend was the one who named it Bert.

Anywho, if you haven’t noticed, this page went up on Saturday. Well, on Thursday night, I was just way too tired to work. They called me in to work, and then I had to stay late about 2 hours, having already worked an extra two hours the previous day. After that, I just wanted to lie down—but instead went to see the new X-Men Movie.

It. Was. Fantastic. Better than First Class. I was expecting to either like it a little, or hate it entirely, but Days of Future Past was amazing. Specifically Quick Silver’s big scene. Watch the movie—you’ll know the one. Seriously makes me worried about how Avengers is going to top the X-Men Quick Silver…

Anyway, I spent all day working on this page after work, so I’m tired and hungry. I’m going to go eat something and then crash while watching Bob’s Burgers, or something.

See you all on Tuesday!