Seriously, I think I love the “Your hoodie isn’t even black” joke way too much.

You know, I feel as though I need to mention I’ve been a little concerned with Mark’s previous appearances/dialogue. I feel as though he comes off as being mentally handicapped, when in reality, he’s just supposed to be a “jolly giant” sort of character. Mark’s actually inspired by my best friend, Jake (who has helped me flesh out plots and characters for WuD, enough that he might as well be a co-writer at this point), who I’d only be able to describe as a “jolly fellow.”

Anywho, I had an excellent Father’s day. My family cooked up a wonderful lobster dinner, during which we were able to convert Jessica to the lobster fan-culb. My family has had a tradition of having Lobster on Father’s Day since well before I was born. We pretty much jump at every chance to get lobster (birthdays, holidays, etc.), so needless to say the crustacean is a major part of my family’s identity.

Besides all of that, things have been normal, if not a little slow. I’ve been spending a lot (see: all) of my free time with Jessica, burning up my gas tank, and working my day job, so there’s little to report. The biggest thing I need to mention is that I’m in DIRE need to write issue 5, as well as work on pages before the last minute. I’d hate to have to miss an update or two because of lack of script.

I’ll see you all on Friday. Hopefully I can get some writing time in during the next few days.