So, this has to be the coolest single page I’ve drawn.

In the script, this and the next page were supposed to be one single, 6-panel page, but I opted to increase the drama, extend the pages, and allow for the next page to be even better, more focused, and have a much higher quality.

Anyway, in making this page, I have completed the final page in my first sketchbook. In order to keep everything organized, I’ve been drawing each page in a sketchbook. This page marks the 100th actual drawn page (not counting covers), and is the last page on the sketchbook. As a result, the next, awesome page, will be the first in the second one. It’s simple, I know, but I’m excited. New Sketchbooks have always been a symbol of new beginnings for me, so this is something somewhat dear to me.

Forgive me if that last part ran on for a bit. It’s 6:20, and I’ve been on the go since quite early yesterday. Which brings me to this:

I got my NYCC 3-Day Pass! I managed to snipe it within the first few minutes of the tickets going live, but I was able to secure mine. I have big plans for using NYCC to advertise WuD, so stay tuned—I’ll reveal my plans as the con gets closer. In the meantime, I have some extra work to do, and have to budget myself for said plan.

Anyway, I’ll see you all on Tuesday, for real this time. Take care!