Page delivered. Tuesday, 5am. Bam. This issue is partly delayed because I took it upon myself to put together an Ikea bed solo today. The instructions said it was a two-man job—maybe for a lesser man. *flexes*

We’re approach the climax of the issue—we have about 8 pages to go. Which means, I have about 4 weeks to finish the script for the next issue, which currently isn’t on paper. The pressure is on, and I really hope I can bang it out in time, lest I go into the issue without having the full thing planned out.

As for my weekend, I went to the amusement park Knoeble’s in Pennsylvania for Jessica’s annual family reunion. Whilst there, I finally was able to meet Jessica’s parents, which went swimmingly. I got along well with her father, and generally had a fantastic time—we played a round of mini-golf (in which I did atrociously, despite getting in some really crazy trick shots to avoid obstacles), Jessica and I rode on a few rides, and won a buttload of tickets in the arcade.

Overall, I really had a fantastic weekend.

Anywho, it’s about 5am, so I’m going to call it a morning/night. See you all on Friday!