I thought this scene would bring a good balance to the opening scene in issue 2.

So, on Tuesday I went to see Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods at the Alamo Drafthouse in Yonkers, NY. I’ll get to that later.

I was driving up with my buddy, Jake, who has contributed a LOT to this series. I mentioned some issues I was having writing the next issue, and he actually helped me come up with a solid idea for the issue, to the point where I’m planning on giving him a co-writer credit for the issue.

Anyway, the Alamo Drafthouse was awesome. If you have never heard of it before, allow me to explain: Imagine if you will, a Movie Theatre/Restaurant with a bar, which often holds classic movie screenings. This is the Alamo Drafthouse. So, the food was amazing (I got the pizza, which was meh, but the burgers were fantastic), and the seating was great. We were seated on the far right of the first row, so when I say the seating was great, you know that’s something. Also, before each movie, they show something relevant to the film (such as classic spider-man cartoons before Amazing Spider-Man). Those, whilst very random, were amusing, and only added to the experience. I’ve wanted to go to an Alamo Drafthouse for years, so this was great.

Now, my review of the movie itself. Fan-freaking-tastic. I grew up with Dragon Ball Z, to the point where I was actually obsessed with it (My first comics were a DBZ spin-off fan-fiction. My USERNAME “Kyhan” originated as a fan character in forum Roleplays.), and the movie really appealed to that side of me. Two of the 4 friends I went with were reluctant to go, and I half expected to hate it. My friends who were reluctant ended up loving it, and oddly enough, the worst parts of the movie were the fight scenes.

This was the first Dragon Ball material written by Akira Toriyama in 17+ years. As I recall, he didn’t really have a hand in the previous movies, and didn’t have any part in GT, hence why they’re mostly terrible, and are barely, if at all, canon. With Battle of Gods, it shows that Toriyama had his hands in the clay, as the entire movie was amusing. When the action died down, the character interactions were hilarious. Also, he even managed to reference the OVA and retconn out GT over the course of the film. Either way, if you were ever a fan of Dragon Ball Z, please see this film. It will not disappoint. Oddly enough, it actually viewed more like Dragon Ball than Dragon Ball Z, which was what helped.

Anywho, that’s all for now. I’ll see you on Tuesday. Have a good night, folks!