So, now you know the true reason Will’s iPod is his phylactery, and the actual text which has been covered each time you’ve seen the back of it.

With that said, Friday’s page is the last issue of Issue 4. As always, I’ll post the official title of Issue 5 alongside the conclusion. It’s weird to think how long I’ve been running this single issue—it’s almost been half a year of just Of Idiots.

Now, this page should have been up an hour ago, but today I had to put together some more Ikea furniture. We’re almost finished furnishing the new bedroom, and I’m kind of excited to have it completed.

Also, on Friday, my dad had me run to Best Buy to drop off some electronics for recycling (I call it e-waste, but it seems no one else does). While I was there, I kind of splurged a bit, and bought myself a 40″ 1080p 60Htz Insignia LED HDTV. There have been moments since then where I’ve thought to myself, “Glenn, you spent so much money on this, you’re an idiot!” However, then I look at the thing, and say to myself, “Nope. You made the right decision.” This, having upgraded from a 22″ 720 Samsung, so suffice to say it’s an improvement from my old setup.

Additionally, all of the Nerf stuff I ordered for modding has arrived, so I’m excited to get started on that.

Anyway, I’ll see you all on Friday with the last page of the Issue, and the title of the next one. Take care!