And so concludes Of Idiots and Immortals. Has it been a fun 6 months for you guys? Because I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this issue.

Anywho, it’s about time I get working on Issue 5. I have started the scripting process, but I might need to go over things a bit whilst I perfect it to be up to par with Issues 3 and 4, however, I have some big plans for this upcoming issue. Either way, I’ll do my best to keep with the 2-page a week schedule.

However, Starting on Monday I’m going to begin working on a very intense goal—To complete (draw, photoshop, upload) 30 pages in 30 days. Now, despite this potential 1-page-a-day output, I won’t be changing the update schedule, which means that I can successfully work on the buffer I have been lacking for coming up on a year now.

I’ve set myself goals and rules (such as pages don’t need to be completed daily, so long as I output 1 per day on average), with the end result being that if I can complete all 30 pages, I will reward myself with something big.

And for the announcement you have all been waiting for—Issue 5 will be titled Occulture Shock, which may help give hints to the theme in which the issue will have. Either way, I’m excited for what this issue can bring to the table, despite not being fully scripted out.

Anyway, I’ll see you fine folks on Tuesday, and I’ll likely keep you posted on my 30 pages/30 days challenge via twitter in the meantime.