So, it happened. I’ve checked to make sure nothing has been overlooked, and low and behold, I am officially a SUNY Purchase alumni. I can’t believe I actually did it. 4 years. They go by so fast…

Well, Waking up Dead won’t be affected by this in any negative way. In-fact, it will be changed for the better! I’m going to work all week (since I have nothing better to do) to get as many pages completed as possible. I need to send my computer in for repairs anyway, so the more pages I can pre-upload, the better. I may be without a computer for 2 weeks, so I really need to work on as many pages as possible.

Also, this page marks the last page I drew during college. That being said, I am very behind on scanned pages. I’m going to be drawing and photoshopping pages all week. It will suck, but hey, it’s what I love to do.

I’m considering putting sending my thesis paper to a few webcomics I follow. I cited Least I Could Do, the Oatmeal, and Ctrl+Alt+Del in a few major points, so it would be pretty cool for have Ryan Sohmer, Lar deSouza, Matthew Inman, and Tim Buckley read it. and I am a huge fan of their comics, so I’m really considering it. Then again, I consider a lot of things I don’t do.

I’m very excited for Microsoft’s big reveal tomorrow. I heard via the RT Podcast tonight that the “Always On” functionality isn’t going to be a thing, so that has my hopes up.

I really hope it is better than the PS4 announcement. I thought it was kind of disappointing. I loved my PS2 before I lent it out (and the guy still refuses to return it, so it’s dead to me), but the PS3 always was a bit disappointing. I had hoped that the PS4 would be bring me back to Sony, but the combination of the fact that they didn’t have an actual console to show (thus, meaning all the statistics they revealed were hypothetical), and the fact that every “New Feature” they described was once released for the PS3 (and never explored) really turned me off to buying a PS4 (when I have money). Hopefully Microsoft will have a real console. Regardless, the Xbox Cronie I am, I’ll eventually cave and buy it.

Now that college is done with, I actually have time to play some video games! I really need to finish Dead Space 3, then work on some of the older games I haven’t played in a while. Hopefully I’ll still have time to game, among all the job searches and future work I’ll be doing. I’ve been relaxing a bit with some Minecraft 360.

I’m also catching up on some TV shows I missed, specifically How I Met Your Mother and Community (If you can’t tell by now, Waking Up Dead is very sitcom inspired, among other inspirations). That being said, I was a little disappointed with Community‘s latest season. While I enjoyed it a lot, it felt a little… empty. With Dan Harmon writing, there wasn’t a dull moment in the show. When you weren’t laughing at something major happening, there were smaller things going on that would make you laugh on re-watching. Because Dan Harmon was kicked off, Season 4 didn’t have that extra layer—everything was pretty much face value. The finale was really lackluster, though… Maybe Season 5 will be better? Either way, while the last seasons could be watched a hundred times, Season 4 is only worth one or two re-watches.

I covered a lot here, and I’ll probably have more to talk about later this week. If anything comes up, I’ll post another blog post. See you then, internet!