I read somewhere once that it’s a terrible idea to announce a big change or goal publicly, on social media or in writing. Apparently it has something to do with the brain’s reward system, and talking about your goals and aspirations gives the same high that comes with accomplishment. You’re less likely to follow through with your goal if you boast about them, because then you’ll be satisfied and less likely to complete them.

I guess I’m bad at that either way, honestly, but here’s to trying.

Lately I’ve been pushing myself to get back into things. A subtle tweet here, and some doodling at my drawing table there. If not for sudden illness, I’ve been pushing myself more and more to actually work on things and be productive. I wouldn’t say it’s successful, but I’m trying damn hard to go forward.

It’s not for lack of desire. I’m still very invested into Waking Up Dead.

I’m just.


I don’t even know exactly why I’m writing this. I don’t have anything much to show right now. A scanned page, and one waiting to go to the scanner. Neither photoshopped. I’ve had a horrible cold as of late, so that’s got morale and productivity down.

But I’m still here. Waking Up Dead is still alive, though currently a shambling zombie. I have stuff in the works. I promise that.

But in the meantime, I need to get my act together.

I’ll see you all soon.

By the way, I’ve started a personal twitter account, so feel free to follow me in my descent into madness.