“Waking Up Dead” is the story of Will’s life, post-mortem.

A 20-something nobody, Will wakes up in the middle of the street one day, having mysteriously fallen to his death. In order to avoid a fate worse than Hell, he is forced into being death’s protégé, all the while trying to prove that his death was not a suicide.

Over the Summer of 2011, during yet another Monster-fueled all-nighter, Glenn became restless from boredom. At this time, he decided to finally make his dream of creating comics a reality. Consulting his catalog of comic ideas, he believed none of them were quite ready to be made. SO, instead, he spent the night coming up with a new comic, an idea that quickly took on a life of its own. The characters developed personalities, ticks, flaws, idiosyncrasies, relationships, and motivations all their own. Eventually, the perfect title emerged: “Waking Up Dead.”

Well over a year later, during his Senior Year at SUNY Purchase college, Glenn decided his Graduation Project was the perfect opportunity to make Waking Up Dead a reality. Created alongside a thesis about web publishing, Glenn hoped to continue Waking Up Dead far beyond his college career.

Many concepts seen in WuD are recycled from a previous comic idea Glenn and a former acquaintance had in the past. Co-writing, many of the former comic’s cast were created by Glenn. After all was said and done, Glenn took his characters beyond the project, many of which are scattered throughout the cast of WuD.

Glenn has been writing since 2004 and creating comics since before he can remember.